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CS degree vs Self taught

May 04, 2021

College is expensive and coursework can often be outdated or even irrelevant because of general education requirements. It makes more sense to focus on learning the fundamentals on your own. The problem is that the demand for entry level developers is very low which makes the field very competitive. This can make it very difficult to stand out if you have no credentials. The alternatives to a traditional university include coding bootcamps with curriculums whose quality can vary. These choices are too limited and exclude those who can’t afford the upfront costs as well as those who don’t have the credit rating to take advantage of payment plans such as the popular income share agreement.

The solution could come from a coordinated effort that benefits both local governments and the tech companies who will likely be hiring these students. Amazon already provides, or at least claims to provide, a Technical Academy to workers after one year of employment. Every major employer should be required to develop these types of programs and even offer them to the public with inclusive financing options that do not run credit checks. College degree programs have become too general when the market demands specialists who can be quickly trained and productive. This type of alternative could ensure relevant skills at a lower cost than traditional options and it could lead to a shift away from degrees and a move towards certificates.

Luis Diaz

Written by Luis Diaz. Just putting my random thoughts out there. I have no idea what I'm talking about.