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Universal Car Care

May 04, 2021

My Volkswagen had been sitting in the driveway for months because I couldn’t afford to get it diagnosed and fixed. I somehow got lucky on one of my internet searches and found out my car has a 150k mile warranty on emissions related parts. The warranty is specific to cars with the PZEV designation aka Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle. This is something that I should have been informed of by one of the auto shops who serviced my car. I’m glad I was able to eventually take advantage of this little known warranty but this issue reminds me that there are major problems with the current automotive services being provided by the market.

This issue made me wonder if a universal car care program would be more efficient. How many cars are ruined because owners couldn’t afford to maintain the car? How many people are scammed by the schemes some auto shops use to generate revenue? What is the value of the peace of mind, and the free time, that a well designed car care program could provide? A lot of innovation is already publicly funded so why not extend this into the automotive industry? Market forces seem fine for determining a decent supply of needed products but at some point some fine tuning should be done. This is especially feasible given advances in data science and AI where we can collect data in mass and learn from it. There has to be a way to calculate and predict supply and demand given data such as the job market statistics, traffic data, incomes in a given region and other possibly relevant data.

Luis Diaz

Written by Luis Diaz. Just putting my random thoughts out there. I have no idea what I'm talking about.